A great meal has the power to unite people while creating memories and lots of joy. That’s likely why many notable occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and other milestones, revolve around food.

In recent years, there’s been such an emphasis on healthy eating and choosing locally grown, as well as other food-related trends such as the farm-to-table movement. There’s also lots of foodie buzz and recipe ideas from celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, and Ina Garten.

Although most of us enjoy dining out and letting the expert chefs take over, there are lots of innovative, entertaining gadgets that can assist us when we are at home whipping up restaurant-worthy meals, desserts, and cocktails.

With “to-do” lists getting longer and increasing demands at work and home, it’s all too easy to forget what we need for restocking our kitchens. The smart GeniCan device brings barcode scanning and voice recognition to home garbages or recycle bins. While discarding food packages, users can simply wave the package’s barcode in front of the device. The scanned items will immediately be added to an Amazon shopping list or another shopping list that is accessible via the phone. Those who shy away from tech-related tasks can opt for the gadget’s voice-recognition feature to manually add the items.

Since prepping for meals may be time consuming, it’s always wise to get some assistance – just like the culinary greats do when they work with sous chefs and kitchen staff. When slicing onions, tomatoes, and other fruits and veggies at home, make it a hassle-free task by using the Perfect Slicer. It holds produce firmly between cupped slots, enabling users to simply insert a knife and slice away. Beyond slashing prep time, this cool tool creates even slices, so it’s ideal for garnishing meals too.

Those who bake will drool over the Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird, a decorative tool that can be used when baking pies. Simply place the charming bird figurine in the center of the pie and add the filling and pastry top around it. During baking, the bird will release steam through its mouth (vent) to prevent juices from boiling over.

When it’s time to celebrate, home hosts can let the Somabar app controlled robotic bartending appliance take over. Controlled wirelessly via a smart device and app, Somabar’s ordering system presents mixologists with a menu based on the ingredients on hand. Its Soma Pods, which are removable and dishwasher-safe, can easily be refilled right from the top of the appliance. Sealed and airtight, the pods keep the ingredients fresh and always ready to serve. Somabar also enables bartenders to gently infuse a few dashes of bitters. Now that’s something to cheer about.

After all the cooking and cocktailing, kitchen divas will certainly need clever storage solutions. With today’s focus on sustainability and not being wasteful, Vermont-based Bee’s Wrap offers a sustainable food storage option that can be used to wrap cheese, fruit, bread, and beyond. Washable, reusable, and compostable, it’s a great alternative to plastic wrap.

Finally, when the microwave needs some cleaning, just put Angry Mama to work. Beyond getting the job done, she’ll eliminate the need for lots of scrubbing. Users can simply pour vinegar and water into the gadget and set the microwave on high for several minutes. After a few minutes, steam will come blasting out. After a gentle wipe-down, the microwave will be sparkling clean.