It Takes a Village...and More Philanthropy and Volunteerism:
The Challenge of Funding Public Education (cont.)

Lebron James I Promise Program

Back to LeBron James. Through his foundation and a partnership with the Akron Public Schools, the hope is that 240 low-performing, at-risk students targeted who get in with a lottery style admission will end the cycle of an education system that fails at risk children. For starters, Mr. James seems to understand that it takes a village as well as more work. The “We Are Family” approach means that children and their families get the emotional, academic, and career support needed.  The school will have extended school days (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.), and a college scholarship to the University of Akron for anyone who graduates, and wraparound services. Caregivers will have access to services like GED prep and job search help. More than 1,300 Akron children are in the I Promise program, and the goal is to expand it and fund it every year.

Quality education lifts communities out of poverty and benefits the nation as a whole – economically and socially. If it takes a village, all must do their part by volunteering to help a district in need, and applauding and contributing to efforts that improve the future of our nation’s children.