The Human and Financial Effects of the Seasonal Flu Epidemic (cont.)

For the most part, individuals who contract seasonal flu can knock it out within five days, as long as they stay home for at least one day and treat the symptoms. Soups, lots of water, and antiviral medications such as Tamiflu ease symptoms. But every day spent at home adds to lost wages. This can add up for small family businesses, corporations, hospitals, and schools.

Individuals need a more effective way to fight flu. Medical researchers continue to develop better vaccines as well as better antiviral drugs to fight flu with a bigger punch. An experimental drug developed by Shionogi in Japan can knock out flu with a single dose within 24 hours. That drug may be approved in the United States by next season.

Other medical researchers are targeting flu head-on with an airborne attack. At Columbia University, researchers found that far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light kills flu viruses when used in continuous overhead doses. It’s a safe, effective, low-cost solution to eliminating flu and other airborne viruses such as tuberculosis at indoor spaces, including schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, airports, train stations, cafeterias, and other public spaces.

Flu season generally begins in November and can last through May. Take precautions to prevent it, but don’t be fearful if you get it. Fight it with knowledge –and some medications. Feel better.