The Great Divide: Has America Lost Its Way?

We are watching our country being divided into sections; sections that support factions of our society, and not the whole. As the world watches, America moves toward isolationism, cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world and seeming to be less progressive and adventurous in developing great ideas on how to improve and change the world and establish the American presence in the world.

We were a country where all those on the outside would marvel and yearn to be here; talent and great minds hungered to be in the great land called, “America.”

People in our country took great pride in America. No matter who you were or what nationality you were, to talk about America with disdain could erupt into a major incident – one that could sometimes result in humiliation.

Discussions of America today bring anger, despair and a feeling that America has let people down. But is it America that’s doing the let down? Maybe it’s that we’re letting America down. Maybe it’s that we – as Americans – need to start to accept our roles of being responsible… responsible for our Government representatives, responsible for the quality of life in our neighborhoods, responsible for our children’s education, responsible for looking out for the future of America and the future of our those who come after us, responsible for preserving the dignity of what’s considered the greatest country in the world. America once led the world in pride and now we live in fear.

Roger Jones

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