What Music Lies Ahead for America

So many songs have been written about America; songs filled with pride and inspiration. Songs with titles like Neil Diamond’s “America”  and Faith Hill’s “American Heart.” Classics like “America, The Beautiful” sung by Ray Charles and “God Bless America,” which was sung by Mark Anthony at the 2013 Baseball All Star game, and which resulted in a barrage of insults where Mr. Anthony was called non-American and was derided with profanity and the ignorance that comes from not knowing that Mark Anthony was born in the good old USA.

America seems bigger than those who live here. It was forged in a spirit that can’t always be defined by words. Often, America stands for many things to many people; some who can be most selfish, claiming like a jealous lover and thinking: If I can’t have her all to myself, then l’ll make sure no else can.

But, it’s hard to keep so much beauty just to oneself. Her beauty is to be admired by all, as is best seen in all the song tributes offered to her by people from all walks of life. People such as Dantarius Jamal Young, a Chick-Fil-A worker, who sang for veterans in the restaurant where he works, and nine-year old Athena Creese who sang the “National Anthem,” and retired Navy Petty Officer First Class Gerald Wilson … all of whom have had people running to YouTube for more.

America, a diva who lures people in with her amber waves of grain, her purple mountains’ majesty, and her thoroughfares to freedom beaten out from across the wilderness. She has an insatiable appetite for love, and must be loved not by one but by many. That’s the kind of love no lady can say no to.

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