The Obstinacy of Race

That pesky issue of diversity, wrapped up in the topic of race and its obstacles that just seem to not be able to be moved or changed, this is the obstinance of the diverse America.

Twenty-five years ago, I told my business partner that the hottest public topic in America would be race … and it is.

Race has long been at the center of our American foundation. Whether you’re trying to embrace it or separate it from the core of America’s existence, no matter what approach you try to find comfort with, there’s not one to be found.

Race has been woven into the American dream, often benefiting those who find it useful for personal and monetary gains.

Some say and perform acts of keeping people in their place. It’s what that place is that has become the problem. People’s idea of “place” seems to differ as much as the meaning of diversity itself.

Nothing can be accepted as real unless it works, and something can only work if it’s embraced. We Americans live under the title of diversity, but we haven’t embraced it, nor do we understand it.

It’s like those pesky mosquitos that draw blood from your body. You just wish you could make them go away – rid yourself of them so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful backyard with your beautiful flowers and that all that surrounds you that is lovely.

But there it is again, that damned issue of race and diversity! What to do?

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