The Challenges of Stemming School Violence (cont.)

School districts’ lack of resources and the bureaucratic barriers standing in the way of addressing discipline cannot be ignored.

Of 3,553 school districts surveyed nationwide, 2,092 representing 83,600 schools completed surveys for the National Center for Education Statistics.  The findings include 8.5 percent (7,100 schools) reporting a total of 18,300 threats of attack with a weapon, and 16 percent of schools reporting a total of 40,800 “serious violent incidents.”  Other statistics include 27 percent of schools surveyed with 1,000 or more students enrolled reporting cyberbullying daily or at least once a week, and 11.9 percent bullying rate overall; 2,300 schools reporting a total of 9,500 robberies; and 900 schools reporting a total of 3,200 hate crimes.

Like a smoking gun, the Second Amendment debate in the wake of the February 14 mass shooting that left 17 dead at a Parkland, Florida school surfaced as it always does after every mass shooting … whether it’s in a school, movie theater or concert. It happened when 27 died in Newtown, 12 in Aurora, 58 in Las Vegas, and 14 in San Bernadino.  The heated debate between gun rights and gun-control advocates reloads after each school shooting.