The Pros & Cons of Legalized Marijuana (cont.)

We don’t need a nation of stoned drivers.

Legalization emboldens recreational users to take their buds from their homes to the roads, leading to stoned drivers on the nation’s highways. There’s no field sobriety test for marijuana. Since marijuana can stay in the system for weeks after use, blood or urine tests are inconclusive in determining its connection to accidents and crashes. Regardless, it’s argued that we do not need a nation of stoned drivers with delayed reaction times, lingering at stop signs, weaving in and out of lanes, and/or driving too slowly in the fast lane.

What about distribution?

The 12 percent of marijuana arrests will continue to be distributors. These dealers will continue to sell marijuana illegally and perhaps now have more incentive to go into peddling other black markets such as heroin. In Colorado, where marijuana is legal, roughly 40 percent of marijuana sold is black market, according to CALM.