These Top 8 Kitchen Gadgets Are Your New Cooking Assistants (cont.)

Citric Juicer
digital food scale

Digital Probe Thermometer – You’ll never overcook or undercook again. Go ahead and make that mouthwatering lasagna, roast, chicken, turkey, meat loaf, and cake with confidence. Many digital-probe thermometers are designed with a stainless steel probe attached to a long heat-resistant cord so you can monitor food temperature without opening the oven and losing heat. Some even feature an audible alert to let you know when you need to remove your delicious food from the oven! 

Digital Food Scale – If you want accurate weight measurements when preparing meals, try this a digital food scale. Look for one with a display screen that features conversion from ounces to grams and pounds, and subtracts the weight of any bowl/container from your ingredients.

Kitchen Shears – A good pair of kitchen shears lets you easily and effectively remove fresh herbs from tough stems or cut up whole chickens. Look for shears with hardened steel blades, cushion pads, and micro-serrated blade grips to prevent slipping. And make sure you choose a pair that’s dishwasher safe.

Citrus Juicer – Get more juice out of your lemons, limes, and oranges. Choose a citrus juicer with a domed lid that doubles as a measuring cup. Look for one with a non-skid base, and measurements in tablespoons, cups, and millimeters that is dishwasher safe. 

Silicone Slotted Spatula/Turner – Toss those dollar store spatulas. With a scratch- and burn-resistant head, spatulas are now BPA-free, and heat resistant up to 600 degrees F. Most have a tapered edge that allows it to slide under omelets, pancakes or stir fry meals easily.