These Top 8 Kitchen Gadgets Are Your New Cooking Assistants

woman using immersion blender

Americans love kitchen gadgets. They make the cooking process faster, easier and more creative. Some tools serve as kitchen assistants, from preparation to presentation, helping prevent mistakes, minimize messes, measure temperatures, mix and distribute, extract and combine ingredients easily. Today’s tools won’t be stuffed in the back of a cabinet and rarely used. They aren’t impulse-buy, novelty items like a spaghetti twirling fork, egg scrambler, or a banana peeler.

They are designed for convenience, function, and style … and to complement culinary skills. These eight kitchen gadgets are compact, budget-friendly and useful. Display them on S-hooks above a stove, tuck them easily in any drawer, add to countertops … and just use them!

Best of all, most are easily affordable at under $25.00!

Microplane grater – A sleek, slim and sophisticated tool, the Microplane helps one work quickly and effortlessly. It’s compact enough to slide into a drawer without taking up a lot of space. It allows one to grate cheese directly onto pasta, salads, and more. It’s also great for adding the zest of citrus, ginger zest or nutmeg to dishes. With each smooth slide down the razor sharp blades, the stainless steel Microplane reminds you why you tossed that cumbersome old square grater.

Mortar and Pestle – A good mortar and pestle set is indispensible. It helps grind spices for those favorite family recipes and can dress up a countertop. Try wood for a rustic accent, stainless steel for modern, and marble for European.

Immersion Blender– Mix ingredients directly in the pot, bowl, or pitcher to create purees, soups, sauces, gravies and smoothies. Immersion stick blenders usually feature an ergonomic grip handle with one-touch control that makes them comfortable to hold and simple to use. They’re also terrific for mixing cake mixes, and other desserts.